pokemon go safari zone dortmund live

next pokemon GO event? For the groups of players I spoke to from Cambridge and London, who had queued at the park gates from 3am and 6am, being told to leave the place they had waited hours to get into was - to put it lightly - something. Saturday's issues had put a dampener on the first day, and there was disbelief Niantic had hosted another event which hadn't gone to plan. Not the circle of people silently staring at their phones, but the groups of mums and dads and kids and couples and retirees playing together. The mood quickly lifted, and I ended up playing until past 10pm, hoovering up everything I could in the good company of others doing exactly the same.

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pokemon go safari zone dortmund live

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Team lounges had colour-coded benches so you could show your in-game team allegiance. Safari zone - update.10AM, the Safari Zone in Dortmund is underway! Following that, it's back over to Japan for another Pokemon Go Safari Zone in Yokosuka, although a specific location has yet to be named. Niantic pulled it off - just - although I had plenty of questions to ask its boss John Hanke during an interview on the second day - look for that online soon. For those who don't know, the Westfalenpark is one of the largest inner-city parks in the whole of Europe and for the next two days - June 30 and July 1 - it will play host to the first event of the Pokemon GO Summer Tour for 2018. And yet, as players dribbled into the park from lengthy queues, things did not go to plan. And players had now learned from experience that the same spawns were available across the city, allowing everyone to spread out. We've heard they'd deployed some extra COW's (celltowers on wheels) and it certainly feels like a smooth network connection as we've had pretty much zero problems even when surrounded on all sides by players.

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