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that between 136 and 206 people died trying to cross from East to West. East Side Gallery.3 kilometres of amazement: take a walk along the East Side Gallery and rediscover art and the history of the Berlin Wall. They climbed over the concrete walls, crowded through the narrow border crossing points, went at the Berlin Wall with hammers, and retook their city in its entirety. A creative location, a lifestyle metropolis and a place where history happened. Angaben zum Dokumentationszentrum finden Sie hier, images, current Exhibitions, current Guided Tours, Workshops and educational offers. VisitBerlin, Foto: Wolfgang Scholvien Bezirksamt Lichtenberg Stiftung Haus der Geschichte, Foto: Stephan Klonk The Wall Museum, Foto: Henry Herrmann Getty Images, Foto: matremors The Story of Berlin You might find this also interesting visitBerlin, Foto: Felix Eisenmeier Adobe Stock, Foto: benbro / Getty Images, Foto. The most famous is undoubtedly the work known as the Fraternal Kiss, depicting a kiss between Russian leader Leonid Brezhnev and East Germanys SED Party Chairman Erich Honecker. The, berlin Wall Cycle Route also offers a great way to trace the route of the Wall by bike. From one day to the next, they could no longer travel freely through their own neighborhood, and neighbors, friends, and relatives were separated from one another.

Asisi, Foto: Tom Schulze asisi Panorama - The Wall DDR Museum, Berlin 2017 Tickets for the DDR Museum triad Edutainment Enterprises GmbH Brandenburger Tor Museum Deutsches Spionagemuseum German Spy Museum visitBerlin, Foto: Lukas Spörl visitBerlin, Foto: Dagmar Schwelle m, Foto: bluejayphoto Berlin Welcome Card. Read more East Side Gallery The East Side Gallery is the longest surviving section of the Berlin Wall. Through no fault of their own and against their will, the people of Bernauer Strasse became eyewitnesses to and actors in an episode of post-war German history in Berlin. Read more, topography of Terror, remembering terror and persecution the documentation centre Topographie des Terrors is one of the most-visited places of remembrance in Berlin.

Discover the history of the Berlin Wall. The route of the Berlin Wall is even marked along some of Berlins streets by a double row of cobblestones. The route crosses the city following the path of the Berlin Wall. The construction of the Wall put a violent end to everyday life on Bernauer Strasse, leaving traces that are still visible today. The grounds also include the memorial recalling the divided city and the victims of communist tyranny, as well as the Window of Remembrance.

The memorial is part of the Berlin Wall Foundation, which also includes the Marienfelde Refugee Center Museum, the central site dedicated to the history of flight and emigration in divided.
The Berlin Wall finally fell on 9 November 1989.
The city recalls the victims of the division of Germany at many Berlin Wall sites, museums and memorial sites, such as the Tränenpalast (Palace of Tears the Berlin Wall Memorial in Bernauer Strasse, and the Berlin-Hohenschönhausen Memorial,.
Marienfelde Refugee Center Museum.
The construction of the Wall put a violent end to everyday life on Bernauer Strasse, leaving traces that are still visible today.

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