residence munich cost

on these expenses and why they the way they are, I will provide a little overview of my life in Germany. The bike is more set aside for recreation these days. Munich is arguably the most expensive city you can settle yourself in in Germany. If you are a vegetarian then it would be my guess that 60 per month and I guess if you eat well, cook at home all the time then you can have quality food at a cost as low as 80 per month. Therefore, I often find myself eating breakfast at work. Transportation.42, every 6 months, I purchase an, isar Semester Ticket and pay the student rate of 146.50 Euros. At work, there is an array of fruit and coffee. Rather, I search for budget accommodations and transport and splurge when that special, location-exclusive opportunity presents itself. I broke down the actual costs of studying in Germany here.

You can judge for yourself as I go open book with about the monthly financing required gor my life as a student at the Technical University of Munich. In a way, they are correct. Groceries (Food Drink) 150 This includes all food and drink (yes, alcohol too) purchased by me at the supermarket. Remember that time I got my wisdom teeth out for 10 Euros? So that pretty much is the basic needs, and no matter what these costs will be always there. My daily activities consist of going to my student job, which pays most of the bills, planning Europe itineraries, which pays the rest of the bills, and catching up with people. . It covers pretty much every thing I could dream of and I am fortunate to be insured at this fantastic student rate. The apartment came furnished (although honestly I would have rather moved into a blank slate).