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most dramatic grand-scale images of the cosmic collision. For Lars von Trier is a melancholiac incarnate. But it makes a big difference. Noé himself was at the Cannes Film Festival to debut his own new film, the drug trip dance musical. Later, presumably in a TV documentary, he saw that Saturn is the planet for melancholia, and, searching the internet, he suddenly came across a web page about cosmic collisions. In fact, it's completely irrelevant. And as he is lying there on the couch in his black hooded sweatshirt and his grey beard, he seems even more cheerful. Unsurprisingly, Noé had no issues with von Triers controversial violence.

One thing is that the Earth is cleared of all life, but if there are some cells somewhere, there's something to build upon. »And it is an interesting point why the hell films have to be so stupid! The first part is called 'Justine' and deals with the melancholic sister and her wedding. I suppose they carry around a fear or pain that they conceal beneath that.«He looks ahead for a while without speaking.»But it's no fun if they're just humping away all the time He ponders.»Then it'll just be a porn flick.«. All in all, we tend to view melancholia as more true. That is also what hints at a happy end. The House That Jack Built. The first time I called on Lars von Trier in connection with our book, he was looking for an idea for his next film. And when you enjoy a spring day, that too is a kind of melancholy.«The wedding is Justine's last attempt to fight her way back into life instead of longing herself out.»That's why she wants to get married says Lars von Trier.»She thinks: now. How has it been used previously and why is it exactly this chair here and not another chair which perhaps ought to have been here.«You mean, a depth in the story which is usually perceived as diversions in a film?»Yes. She spoke of her fascination with the play 'The Maids' by the French dramatist Jean Genet, in which two maids kill their mistress. Plus, Dillons flowery narration induced some slight eye-rolling.

When you're being cured of a depression, you're forced to instigate some rituals as well. I'm having a tough time at parties myself. Is there a content?

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