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Nazis. This contributed to Ludwigshafen having the dubious honour, on May 27, 1915, of being the target of the world's first strategic aerial bombardment. A rather strange feature of Ludwigshafen's public transport system is the existence of four underground tram stations (Rathaus, Danziger Platz (closed since late 2008 Hauptbahnhof, Hemshofstraße). Basf and other companies. The city centre of Ludwigshafen is comparatively small and dominated by post-war buildings. 65, 170 ml ml "Statistischer Jahresbericht 2016" (PDF). Helmut Kohl was born in Friesenheim.

Fiat ludwigshafen rheine
fiat ludwigshafen rheine

Among the other chemical companies with plants in Ludwigshafen rank BK Giulini, Abbott, Raschig and Benckiser. In addition, another shopping mall on the banks of the Rhine, the Rhein-Galerie, was completed in September 2010. The local industry depends on shipping their raw materials and products on the river. It is the youngest of Ludwigshafen's parks, having been created on a former industrial area. In the foreground: "Conversation II" (1999 kinetic sculpture by the American sculptor, George Rickey. The city administration has cut down its deficit by cutting down social payments and maintenance, pollution has been (not least by basf) restricted, the formerly rotten Hemshof quarter has been restored. The Kiefscher Weiher in the South is connected with the Rhine and serves as yacht harbour, being surrounded by weekend camping areas. The US 12th Armored Division and 94th Infantry Division captured Ludwigshafen against determined German resistance in house-to-house and block-to-block urban combat during 215 Post-war rebuilding edit Post-war, Ludwigshafen was part of the French occupation zone, becoming part of the newly founded Bundesland (state) of Rheinland-Pfalz. Loss of population due to the loss of working places and general economic trends, such as the oil crises, further worsened Ludwigshafen's financial situation at the end of the 20th century.

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