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successfully mobilized as supporters. If you are puzzled about which of the buildings on the Alt Markt is the Nikolaikirche, look for the turquoise dome with the columns all around. "Our deep worry that we, as members of the species homo sapiens, are increasingly reducing the living diversity of our earth and of our creative developmental possibilities, thus irreversibly endangering our survival in peace and our mutual exchange gives us the courage, and our awareness. 3, it is on the Pirsch heath, about.8 km from the southern end of the Potsdam built-up area and about 3 km from the city centre. Creativity, differentiation and connectedness are basic characteristics of life. It is obviously that the existence threatening problems of humankind are human-made too.

The pre-living realm thus organizes itself in the complex variety of our higher bio-ecological vibrancy, as we encounter it in everyday life. It was walled up in 2007. To inspire, prepare, and empower our students to lead fulfilled lives as compassionate, productive and engaged citizens. Uses, tYPO3, cMS and is hosted by rh-tec Business GmbH. The platform on the upper level continued to be served until 1999 by a single daily pair of trains from Strausberg to Golm.

Where conflicts arise, a lack of instrumental knowledge is diagnosed and compensatory delivery is prescribed. They are closely connected with the materialistic-mechanistic worldview favored all over the world today and with its prior history." (Potsdam Manifesto Potsdam Denkschrift) Potsdam Denkschrift Potsdam Manifesto charge a unidirectional narrow-minded western-European-North American modelled way of thinking to stall the living co-action between humans and. In 2012, an entrepreneur from Werder (Havel) acquired the station building. The recent crises scenarios are forcing up and unloading in all societal, economical, political and cultural as well as ecological levels. The route from the station forecourt that connected via the former track 8 now connects directly to the lower platform. Pictured: Officer Neaton and his family. With the reunification, however, the station rapidly lost importance and was almost completely closed except for a single platform in the lower part of the station. Berlin Schönefeld Flughafen station.

Since 1991, no long-distance trains have stopped at the station, which was renamed Potsdam Pirschheide in 1993. Proposals to demolish it have been precluded by its notable functionalist architecture in the style of the late 1950s, which would justify conversion for new uses. Pirschheide Station initially remained important for regional traffic. Originally he planned to use the area for his company. They show radical and deep going re-orientations for the sustainable development of humankind and for our thinking. In 1998, the direct service to Schönefeld was rerouted and has since run through the lower level of the station. The idea of a separated, fragmented reality dissolves in the micro physics and dynamically transforming and differentiating relations are taking the place of substantial segregations.

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