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"Rund um den Gipfel in Hamburg sind fast 30 Demonstrationen angemeldet". Statement of the CCR (Brazil Section of the rcit) marielle franco, presente! Article by Mainda Simataa (ELA Zambia) Bangladesch: Regierung will freiwillige Sterilisation von Rohingya Flüchtlingen Kommentar von Almedina Guni Catalunyas Struggle for Independence (Introduction) A Pamphlet by Michael Pröbsting Larga vida a la Repblica Catalana! Paris Agreement were on the agenda, on 8 July Africa was supposed to be a topic. "Germany invites the Netherlands to G20 summit". Déclaration de la CCR (Section Brésilienne de ccri) marielle franco, present! Déclaration des relations fraternelles entre le Cercle Alkebulan (Kenya) et la ccri Zambia Army: Friends of the Ruling Class, Enemies of the Poor! 68 (June 2017) Contents and Download Expectativas sobre morena: entre las promesas de cambio y la realidad Articulo de Alexis Jovan, ALS (Seccin mexicana de la ccri) video On the 5th Anniversary of the Rabaa Massacre by the Egypt Military Statement of Michael Pröbsting Lucha.

As protestors attempted to storm into the "red zone" where the summit took place they were dispersed with water cannon. Article by Yossi Schwartz Venezuela: Ni la Asamblea Constituyente de Maduro, ni el Parlamento reaccionario! China as an Emerging Great Imperialist Power) A Pamphlet by Michael Pröbsting ( Part 4 ) Nao ao decreto do presidente Temer que elimina a reserva da Amazonia-Renca! Issued by Alkebulan (Kenya) and the rcit Czy restauracja kapitalistyczna w Korei Pnocnej przekroczya Rubikon, czy nie? Brazil: Presidential Elections 2018 - The electoral process is a fraud! We analyzed and ranked the impact of traffic congestion in: 5 continents 38 countries 1,360 cities. Artikel von Manfred Maier The China-India Conflict (Introductory Remarks Chapter I: Recent Developments) A Pamphlet by Michael Pröbsting ( Part 1 ) Article by the RWO (rcit-Section in Pakistan) on the Struggle of Pakistan's Doctors Myanmar: Solidarity with the Uprising of the Rohingya Muslims! Statement of the RKO befreiung (Austrian Section of the rcit) Österreich: Islamophober Rassismus im Vormarsch!

Syria: Another Chemical Attack Massacre by the Assad Regime! Declaraço em Vdeo de Michael Pröbsting (.VI ) tesis sobre LA situacin actual DE venezuela Declaracin de la ccri döner bestellen ludwigshafen Haben wir eine Wahl? Joint Statement of the rcit, CR (México gipi (México) Nicaragua: Solidaridad internacional con el levantamiento popular! Learn More 02/05/18, mÜnchen bleibt deutschlands stauhauptstadt hamburg UND berlin holen AUF. The 2015 rank is provided in parentheses. Excurse: Different Types of Wars in the Present Period and Revolutionary Tactics L'Impérialisme, l'Oppression des Femmes et la Lutte Pour la Libération Résolution du 2ème Congrès Mondial de la ccri ( Partie 1 ) On Trumps attack on Syria Statement by the ISL (Section. 65 In the analysis by German police, it was estimated that the far-left protesters had committed more than 2000 crimes, among them vandalism (575 bodily harm (330 disturbing the peace (303 arson (123) and resisting arrest (45).