doktor schlegelberger kiel

under the rules in force at the time. Saving your report in our database may take a few seconds. On 1 October of that year, he was appointed to the Secret Government Court and Executive Council. Furthermore, I also declare that I am not a doctor or any other person involved in this profession (competitor). In court, Schlegelberger, sentenced in 1947 to life imprisonment for "crimes against humanity" by a Nuremburg court, even cited Reich Propaganda Minster Dr Joseph Goebbels as a character witness.

Doktor schlegelberger kiel
doktor schlegelberger kiel

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doktor schlegelberger kiel

With this high court decision at its schumacher bochum wattenscheid back, the Finance Ministry in Kiel once more suspended payments to Schlegelberger as of 31 December 1960. Are you a human? Ex-State Secretary Schlegelberger, a denazification certificate from Goebbels, given this judgement of Goebbels, which they considered equivalent to a denazification certificate for the elderly plaintiff, Schleswigs administrative judges were unwilling to turn Franz Schlegelberger down. Your personal information will not be disclosed to third parties. Ute Heinzow-Schlegelberger, blücherplatz 11, in 24105 Kiel Bluecherplatz. I found the costs of the treatment very good? The findings are published completely anonymously in the form: Tom. The deceased Reich Justice Minister Gürtner was succeeded by the President of the National Socialist Peoples Court, Thierack. On he became a judge- at the State Court in Lyck. Information about me: for your confimation, voluntary disclosures - but very helpful for other patients You are: Your age group: last treatment: panel patientprivat patient below 25 plus Your gender: Why have you chosen this doctor? His father worked in cereal trade sales.

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