cologne medieval museum

in the EL-DE building, site of the Gestapo (secret police) in Cologne from December 1935 to March 1945. Museum of Geology, palaeontology and mineralogy - (U). Particularly in evidence is the Romanesque style, of which the best examples are Sankt Gereon, Sankt Severin, Sankt Ursula, Sankt Maria im Kapitol, Sankt Kunibert, Sankt Pantaleon, Sankt Aposteln, and Gross Sankt Martin. By 1939 the population had reached 768,352.

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cologne medieval museum

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Although Cologne has spread far beyond the confines of the Ringstrassen, its focal point is still within this area, the Inner City. After sustaining severe wartime damage, these churches underwent a program of restoration, the completion of which was celebrated in 1985. Crafts included textile manufacturing, bookmaking, leatherworking, enameling, and metalworking, the work of Cologne s goldsmiths being particularly fine. In March 1945, the wars end for Cologne, the population had sunk to 40,000. A triad of place, collection, and architecture, it allows the visitor to experience two millennia of western culture in a single building. Built above the Roman town villa with the world-famous Dionysus mosaic the Römisch-Germanisches, museum houses examples of art, culture and everyday life in Roman and early medieval, cologne. World Heritage site in 1996; it is the citys major landmark and unofficial symbol. Average temperatures in the. This shrine, begun by Nicholas of Verdun in 1182 and completed in about 1220, is considered one of the finest examples of medieval goldwork. Ocolatemuseum- Museum of East Asian Art ( city map ) - Closed until October! There you can see altar pieces and crosses from the Middle Age as well as portraits from the 18th and 19th century.

Cologne medieval museum
cologne medieval museum

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