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the town which were separated for decades, and the railway park with its high. Each of these spaces uses elements to allow for a specific reading of time. He allowed the polluted soils to remain in place and be remediated through phytoremediation, and sequestered soils with high toxicity in the existing bunkers. Today it is a flourishing meadow and a shady grove, a huge festival place, framed to the side of the blast furnace plant by the remainders of the former overhead railway and a high level walk. London: Architectectural Association, 2003. In this new place, they will continue to rust and erode. Details Tickets, hüttenführung 12:00 bis 13:45 Uhr.

Wir sind ein Mitmach-Portal für Öffnungszeiten und können daher keine Gewähr für die Richtigkeit aller Daten übernehmen. The landscape park Duisburg Nord is one of these projects: The existing patterns and fragments formed by industrial use were taken, developed and re interpreted with a new syntax, existing fragments were interlaced into a new landscape. Topos: European Landscape Magazine,.

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While each piece retains its character, it also creates a dialogue with the site surrounding. This might then reveal new fall colognes connections, as these railway ties occupy a different space than the long lines that which they are typically associated with. Today, the fear of pollution and contamination has given way to a calm acknowledgement of the old structures. Instead of creating a more naturally shaped waterway, this new canal, the. However, the steel plates are not meant to last; rather, they will gradually erode and decay, portraying the natural processes occurring in the site (Steinglass, 129).

Details Tickets Fackelführung Extra scharf 18:30 bis 20:30 Uhr Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord Nach der Fackelführung durch das alte Hüttenwerk gibt es ein leckeres, zünftiges Currywurstessen. Grande Medaille dUrbanisme 2001 1st European Prize for Landscape Architecture Rosa Barba 2000 Partial project Blast Furnace Park Partial project Sinter Park Partial project Waterpark Partial project The railway park Partial project adventure playground Partial project Ore Bunker, gallery. Veranstaltungsempfehlungen, flic Flac - Wintershow Duisburg 20:00 Uhr, landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord, brandheiß und atemberaubend: nbsp;Flic Flac kommt mit neuer Winter-Show zurück nach Duisburg.

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