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concealment become strategies not simply for upholding the private sphere, but doing so as an act of resistance against the disciplinary force of hegemonic culture. In response to that, there was an effort, especially on the part of the lesbian and gay community, to erase so much as any signs by which they might be identified and controlled, that in the process they have nearly succeeded in erasing any specificity. Münster, a prestigious 10-yearly showcase of art in public space. The only way to resist, he argues, would be to begin thinking, once again, about what gay specificity might mean. On the bed of the immense vehicle is a black wooden crate firmly strapped down by two blue harnesses. The dog collages, Burr says, finally giving in to the curators request, dont generate a lot of meaning. Check your phone to view the link now! He also thought it a funny coincidence that the works, which he had long forgotten about, were made bielefeld kino der vorname exactly 10 years ago, a nod to the decennial format. But, instead, behind this headline is a strategic and carefully controlled leakage of that surplus, clues falling like drops from a pipette. Aside, most likely, from this irresistible jargon, Burr uses the theatre curtains (another one of which is hung at the other end of the room) to once again address issues around performativity and concealment, public and private.

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A rupture in the polite facade; a trace of the personal, the private, the used. Kunstverein, Burrs conceit becomes clear: containers inside containers, each as communicative as they are stubbornly silent. The dog collages are three framed works from 2007, Untitled goodfellas frankfurt textorstraße (Querelle Mario in which pictures of dogs are interspersed with dialogue from Jean Genets 1947 novel Querelle of Brest, which was turned into a film by Rainer Werner Fassbinder in 1982. Experience contemporary art in one. Like his works, during the tour, Burr employs the language of formal abstraction typical of 70s minimalism, in weaving around the sculptures a semantic field of descriptors without signifieds: containment and release, care and control, maintenance and authority. The room is dominated by three black grid-structures reminiscent of Sol LeWitts famous incomplete open cubes, each acting as a stage for an ensemble of poignant artefacts. Viewers familiar with either Genet or Fassbinders classic will know that this scene deals rather unabashedly with the delicate topic of receptive anal penetration. By kristian vistrup madsen, westfälischer, kunstverein, Münster, Germany 10 June, the bed is not only a site where we are born, where we die and where we make love, but also a place where the state has a pressing interest a public interest. In taut suspension within the black grids, the blankets and the latex, the photographs, with their implication of the potent masculinity of concrete brutalism, even the helpless single shoe, are at once held and oppressed, revealing everything or nothing at all. Germany s oldest art associations.

westfälischer kunstverein münster germany

Westfälischer Kunstverein - Museums - Rothenburg 30, Münster, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany - Phone Number - Yelp. Westfälischer Kunstverein is a Independent Space in, münster, Germany. Experience contemporary art in one. Germany s oldest art associations. Westfälischer Kunstverein still supports and establishes young contemporary artists, and at least since the post-war era it has to a large extent been responsible for promoting young artists in the international visual arts in, münster.

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