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supporters. Estimated delivery: ab August 2016 4 of 7 booked 150.00 Blacksmithing Workshop / blazing kaos Get insights into the basic knowledge and skills of blacksmithing! Handcrafted in our workshops. Okan Akgöl store_mall_directory, resident, sketch Work, done at, kaos. Your support enables, kAOS to continue making, creating, collaborating and applying art in the contemporary world. By now, the collective consists of fifty designers, artists and hand crafters with different specialities including; product, graphic and textile design, metalwork, masonry, carpentry, gold and blacksmithery, screen-printing, fine art, architecture, audio production, filmmaking, traditional and digital photography and alchemy. Whoever slings all their game stones into their opponent's field first, wins. Estimated delivery: ab August 2016 0 of 20 booked 400.00 Party Package / Party kaos Are you planning a special event? After the workshop, youll be granted a half-day studio session to record your tracks.

Thanks for looking @emines_ tattoo @bishoprotary @eikondevice @caliirons @davincineedles @the_schemers If you would like to set up an appointment text you will be required to drop a deposit to set your appointment.
Kaos / Kreative Arbeitsgemeinschaft Oberschöneweide stands for cooperative working space Oberschöneweide and is situated in an old 20th century red brick building on the banks of the River Spree, not far from central.
Berlin providing affordable artist studios and workshops.

By, kaos, simo, before anything else, let me just tell you how I had some serious sushi cravings as I wrote this post. Originated in the Philippines, Klick-Klack is a tabletop game designed and produced by our timber-lovers Katja and Willi. Day 2 @hawaiitattooexpo honoluluhawaii @emines_ tattoo @bishoprotary @eikondevice @caliirons @davincineedles @hawaiitattooexpo @the_schemers If you would like to set up an appointment go to @ kaos _emines_appt deposit will be required to set your appointment. Additionally, as a special guest, you are invited to all events throughout the startnext-Kampaign, with all drinks included. Why would you support this project? His unique style is sought after Eurasian-wide! Yet, of course, we are also looking for people who are generally enthusiastic for design, art and project spaces. All kaosies have one (sometimes two).

Enjoy the casual and relaxed atmosphere at kaos. By Adam van Dame by Kevin Flores, sushi Tattoos by doskaladas/Instagram by Carly Kroll by Moira Ramone by Wendy Pham.