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tram depot The LESt opened this depot, near the town center, on At first it had two tramcar sheds with a workshop in between. Acts District: Dortmund Director: District Apostle Hermann Magney., Dortmund., Braunschweigerstraße Strasse 31Representatives: Apostle Hermann Schüring, Herne iW, trunk road 36 Number of members: The Apostle district "Dortmund" is divided into the following 8 districts: 1st District: Bielefeld, Director: District Elder Hermann Niehaus, source. Lines 8/8E To connect the large housing estates of Grünau-Nord and Paunsdorf as nürnberg ice tigers live stream well as the districts of Lindenau und Volkmarsdorf with the southern town center, Line 8 operates during daytime service hours. With the revision of services that took effect from, operations again ceased from Leutzsch Depot.

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Both altstadthotel augsburg augsburg lines are worked with two-car Tatra formations, and Line 11 is thereby worked mostly by low-floor tramcars. Thereafter, it was not used for stabling of tramcars, but for storage of cars awaiting repair or scrapping. 5, Sigismundstrasse 5 12th District: Wroclaw, Director: Bishop Leonhard Vorherr, Wroclaw, Viktoriastrasse 21 Representative: District Evangelist Gustav Hänsch, Niederneuendorf, Post Görlitz-countryThe districts Erfurt, Pössneck, Gera and Schmiedefeld belong to the area of influence of the Bishop Alfred Werner. Sebastian, Wolfenbüttel Lange Herzogstr. Bundesliga after having been promoted from. Contents, network Development edit, leipziger Pferde-Eisenbahn-Gesellschaft (LPE, "Leipzig Horse Railway Company edit, on, the. The depot was last used in August 1957, when vehicles working Line 24 were based here because the line to the usual depot was obstructed. The last lines based, according to plan, at Gohlis I, were Lines 28E and 29E, to 24 September 1963.