skull and roses cologne

with some very underrated and solid releases for men over the past decade, one of the few American houses to do so consistently since Calvin Klein in the late 80's and 90's. I kept seeing this bottle all the time but never bothered to smell. Occasion: casual, date, scent: Musky synthetic lavender with a tinge of spice and citrus. However, the longevity as a close to skin scent was pretty decent at about six hours. Its a solid casual cologne that could also double as a date night.

Still, since Jersey Shore, all things Ed Hardy have sunk to the bottom of the marketing ocean (in the USA) and have been available for bargain bin prices, often in gift sets loaded with extras costing little more than 20-30. The thing is, that soft musky drydown clings to the skin for ages, drawing out the longevity to 7-8 hours but making it extremely uninteresting and a skin scent for most of the wear. It isnt a projection monster, so not great for the club scene.

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Id say its also a pretty good bet for a date night scenario with its fresh sort of soapy vibe with just enough bergamot and spice to keep it interesting. Zero complexity or evolution during the wear until around the three hour mark; when the lavender recedes; the dry down is simply a very clean and soft musk with very little sophistication or embellishment. From the bottle design and the name, I was expecting this scent to be something dark, sort of loud, and with a possible rose note lurking somewhere in there. Plus, its inexpensive enough that one could just apply a bit more than usual to get the full effect. I used four sprays in 76 degree weather.