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in Alma-Ata, including the well-known 8th Guards Rifle Division ' Panfilov ' (originally the 316th rifle division along with 2 rifle battalions and 3 aviation regiments that were raised on the bases of the air club of Alma-Ata. Archived from the original on Retrieved. The first were broken main elements of the park - the avenue, boulevard, dendrological areas. "air jamaica Flight Archive". Citation needed World War II monument "Feat" in Park of the 28 Panfilov Guardsmen On, at.m., an earthquake almost totally destroyed Verniy in 1112 minutes. Consider it as a tribute. Bandy was introduced for the first time at the 2011 Winter Asian Games. Wind speeds exceed 15 m/s on about 15 days a year, on average. There are plans to construct a Western Europe-Western China highway, passing through Almaty.

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Retrieved January 13, 2015. Its goal is to become the largest business centre in Central Asia. Citation needed World War II edit During World War II the government dramatically affected the city's population and structures. Motion picture production companies from Leningrad, Kiev, and Moscow were also moved to Alma-Ata at this time. The main industries in Alma-Ata were: food processing (36 of gross industrial output based largely on locally abundant fruit and vegetable raw materials, light industry (31 and heavy industry (33). 9 The city's name was written as lmt in Turkish and Persian written with the Perso-Arabic script. The place has also a very popular night club, again a center for prostitution - and not classy. Citation needed The supersonic transport Tupolev Tu-144 went into service on 26 December 1975, carrying mail and freight between Moscow and Alma-Ata in preparation for passenger services; these began in November 1977. Three categories of city buildings were defined. Citation needed The Dzungar invaded, dominating the Kazakh people for a period.